The specialty coffees

Mokaflor has a specific word in its DNA: dynamism. Dynamic like the coffee, which changes according to the production areas and to the seasonality.

For this reason Mokaflor suggests following a rotation of those that, according to the SCAA tasting protocol, are defined as coffee specialties. These coffees are defined by precise characteristics:

● A score higher than 85 points in the Cupping Test SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)

● Traceability. Each coffee originates from a specific farm.

● Absence of any defect in the organoleptic analysis.

● The coffees used for blends are all “ current crop” harvested exclusively across the year.

● A precise aromatic identity, with flavours recognizable independently.


The Mokaflor specialty coffees are:

● Roasted in a roasting machine with a maximum capacity of one kilo.

● Roasted only upon request and sent no sooner than five days after the roasting process, in order to leave the coffee enough time for degassing.